New Shoot

Last Monday after class I went to Del Mar to take some new pictures. I have found that it can be difficult to photograph the ocean and surroundings at magic hour, even though that’s what I always want to do! I think with a larger lens it would be easier to capture all the different factors such as the water, lighting, and detail of the plants and surroundings. With the light quickly going down, it can be difficult to adjust and be able to get everything in focus, especially without a tripod. Overall, I enjoyed taking these pictures, I love this trail and it was beautiful out.


Chia Cafe Collective // Craig Torres & Abe Sanchez

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I really loved our class visit from Craig Torres & Abe Sanchez! They explained how we can get everything we need from native plants, and how the convenience of stores and the food they sell has made us acquire a new taste palette and made us lose touch with foods from the earth that provide us with health and nutrients. After learning about different plants and the benefits they provide, we made delicious smoothies with ingredients such as cactus, apple, pineapple, agave, nettles, and more. The smoothies were so good and made me feel great and energized after drinking. I would love to incorporate some of the items like cactus and nettles into the smoothies I make at home. I also enjoyed the Prickly Pear Cactus juice and the Rose hyp and Chia dip.

As said in the “Decolonizing the Diet” video, the plants give so much and we haven’t been giving anything back, causing serious risk to the survival of many important species. I think the work of the Chia Cafe Collective is very enlightening and important, and hope that it continues to spread. I find it sad that what we may think is healthy being sold in stores isn’t always as pure as we think, like Abe said in the video about that Chia not being able to be found. Our country has gone so far away from cultivating real, honest, healthy food, it is something I have become increasingly aware of recently. There is much to be learned from the land’s native plants and I am very interested in learning more and trying to incorporate some of them into my everyday diet.

Pechanga Indian Reservation

I really enjoyed this day at the Pechanga Indian Reservation! I wasn’t sure what to expect, I thought we would just be seeing the Great Oak, but getting a tour and exploring the land was great. We learned about the different plants and their uses, the Great Oak, which is the largest in the United States, and wandered around the land seeing the natural outdoor homes and kitchens once used. I loved learning about the culture and being there made it easier to imagine what life was like especially before industrialization. Magic hour provided some great light that made everything look more beautiful and I was also able to catch a still picture of my bunny friend who stayed nearby for 5 or 10 minutes.

Magic Hour

I had two nights free this last week to do the Magic Hour shoot, it was cloudy the first day, so I went last night to Torrey Pines. I would have liked to spend more time here! I had an event at work that I ended up being at longer than expected so I got to Torrey Pines a little late. I love it here though and have been wanting to come take pictures, it’s so beautiful. There’s definitely so much more to be photographed, I’m hoping I’ll have some time to come back soon and get more.

San Elijo Lagoon

Last week we went to the San Elijo Lagoon, I have driven past these trails several times but never knew they were there! I really enjoyed the trail on Rios, I went back with a friend later in the week. I also found it beneficial to research the different native and non-native plants in this particular area. I was more in tune with looking at all the different plants and being aware of many of them. I had a little trouble with the new camera I rented. There were some different settings I wasn’t sure of and I could tell while taking pictures that they looked off, even though the metering and everything seemed correct. There was one symbol I couldn’t figure out what it was until after this day, it was a flourescent light setting, which makes it very clear why they looked off! I could edit and play with the lighting in Lightroom but there were a few pictures that were just too bright and didn’t look right.

Before going, I spent a lot of time looking up all the different plants on Google Images, so I could try to recognize them while shooting. I was surprised to find that I recognized some of the plants, but wasn’t aware of their names. The bush sunflower was everywhere, lots of black sage and coastal sagebrush as well. A non-native plant that was noticeably present was nasturtium. I also saw coastal goldenbush and mulefat. I saw signs for the monkey flower and the coastal prickly pear on the Rios trail, but they weren’t really in bloom.

Lake Murray & Annenberg Artist

I have been planning on taking pictures at Lake Murray for one of the landscape/environmental assignments for this class, and also decided to take a look on the Annenberg website before going for some inspiration. I found Andrei Duman, who specializes in landscape, aerial, and travel photography. He is based in Los Angeles and has beautiful photos of landscapes around the world. He takes many aerial photos, which are very intriguing to look at. I also noticed a lot of nature, natural environments, and symmetry in his pictures. I kept his images in mind while shooting at Lake Murray and also just tried to take some different types of photos than I normally do. Before I went, I was thinking about the great images of animals Andrei has, and how I probably wouldn’t have any to take pictures of- but I ended up encountering huge geese, lizards, squirrels, butterflies- only one of which I got a decent photo of. Below are some examples of Duman’s work.