Chia Cafe Collective // Craig Torres & Abe Sanchez

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I really loved our class visit from Craig Torres & Abe Sanchez! They explained how we can get everything we need from native plants, and how the convenience of stores and the food they sell has made us acquire a new taste palette and made us lose touch with foods from the earth that provide us with health and nutrients. After learning about different plants and the benefits they provide, we made delicious smoothies with ingredients such as cactus, apple, pineapple, agave, nettles, and more. The smoothies were so good and made me feel great and energized after drinking. I would love to incorporate some of the items like cactus and nettles into the smoothies I make at home. I also enjoyed the Prickly Pear Cactus juice and the Rose hyp and Chia dip.

As said in the “Decolonizing the Diet” video, the plants give so much and we haven’t been giving anything back, causing serious risk to the survival of many important species. I think the work of the Chia Cafe Collective is very enlightening and important, and hope that it continues to spread. I find it sad that what we may think is healthy being sold in stores isn’t always as pure as we think, like Abe said in the video about that Chia not being able to be found. Our country has gone so far away from cultivating real, honest, healthy food, it is something I have become increasingly aware of recently. There is much to be learned from the land’s native plants and I am very interested in learning more and trying to incorporate some of them into my everyday diet.


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