San Elijo Lagoon

Last week we went to the San Elijo Lagoon, I have driven past these trails several times but never knew they were there! I really enjoyed the trail on Rios, I went back with a friend later in the week. I also found it beneficial to research the different native and non-native plants in this particular area. I was more in tune with looking at all the different plants and being aware of many of them. I had a little trouble with the new camera I rented. There were some different settings I wasn’t sure of and I could tell while taking pictures that they looked off, even though the metering and everything seemed correct. There was one symbol I couldn’t figure out what it was until after this day, it was a flourescent light setting, which makes it very clear why they looked off! I could edit and play with the lighting in Lightroom but there were a few pictures that were just too bright and didn’t look right.

Before going, I spent a lot of time looking up all the different plants on Google Images, so I could try to recognize them while shooting. I was surprised to find that I recognized some of the plants, but wasn’t aware of their names. The bush sunflower was everywhere, lots of black sage and coastal sagebrush as well. A non-native plant that was noticeably present was nasturtium. I also saw coastal goldenbush and mulefat. I saw signs for the monkey flower and the coastal prickly pear on the Rios trail, but they weren’t really in bloom.


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