Lake Murray & Annenberg Artist

I have been planning on taking pictures at Lake Murray for one of the landscape/environmental assignments for this class, and also decided to take a look on the Annenberg website before going for some inspiration. I found Andrei Duman, who specializes in landscape, aerial, and travel photography. He is based in Los Angeles and has beautiful photos of landscapes around the world. He takes many aerial photos, which are very intriguing to look at. I also noticed a lot of nature, natural environments, and symmetry in his pictures. I kept his images in mind while shooting at Lake Murray and also just tried to take some different types of photos than I normally do. Before I went, I was thinking about the great images of animals Andrei has, and how I probably wouldn’t have any to take pictures of- but I ended up encountering huge geese, lizards, squirrels, butterflies- only one of which I got a decent photo of. Below are some examples of Duman’s work.



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