Camille Seaman


Camille Seaman talks about her relation to the environment and nature, here with polar icebergs, always aiming to portray the importance of connection. Camille mentions in the Storm Chaser video how her father described to her when she was younger about clouds creating the water we need for rain, for the land, to drink. She tries to articulate that humans are not separate from nature and that everything is interconnected. Even in this video about polar ice, she reminds us that these icebergs are snowflake upon snowflake, years and years of frozen water that is now melting back into the earth. Camille relates the iceberg to the emotions of people, the way they angrily break off or slowly sink. She mentions that she approaches portraits of icebergs as if she is taking photos of her ancestors, bringing our awareness to the life and history of them. I love when people can use such simple terms to make you see and think differently, awakening your mind to a different point of view.


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