Border Cantos


This video featured the work of Richard Misrach and Guillermo Galindo. Richard takes photos documenting the border from the pacific ocean to the gulf of Mexico. He gives insight to what happens along different parts of the border, what type of wall or no wall is there and some of the sad things that happen to the people who don’t make it across. I was surprised to learn about the different techniques the border patrol uses, such as driving with tires or big grates attached to the back, in order to be able to see any footprints of people trying to cross. I found it sad how many markers of dead bodies there were and it made me question why it was happening so frequently. It was encouraging to see that people would leave water for them, especially in the areas needed most, but disheartening to see the border patrol slash them or use them as target practice. I really enjoyed seeing the art pieces and instrumens that Guillermo made from the artifacts that Richard would collect. It was nice to see these remnants put to use in order to raise awareness and create something more visible and tangible for their audience.


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