I was able to go see the MOPA exhibit “Prix Pictet” Saturday Morning. I enjoyed all of the featured photographers, however my favorite was Gideon Mendel. I was the most drawn to his pictures and felt the message was very powerful. Something about the texture and vibrance of these photos really stood out to me, and the story behind them adds even more intrigue.

I found out from this exhibit that Mendel is from Johannesburg, South Africa. These displayed photos are a part of a long-term project called Drowning World. This project specifically shows the effects of climate change in a relatable way. Mendel visits flood zones around the world looking for any similarities and differences. He juxtaposes images from different floods in different countries and  was, “deeply struck by the contrasting impacts of these floods, along with the shared vulnerability that seemed to unite their victims”.

My favorite photo is in the top right corner of the first image, titled J.B. Singh, taken in India. I love the combination of colors and the texture of the wall along with the high water line, showing the sad evidence of flooding.

Below is my picture proof I was there, with my mom 🙂 and also my favorite photo from the Ansel Adams exhibit, which I loved.


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