I learned a lot about water and our planet after watching Watermark, and was also amazed by the beauty of our world that Burtynsky meticulously captures. This film showed how water is used worldwide- recreationally, spiritually, for farming, working, and researching. I think Burtynsky was successful in the stunning imagery by using excellent composition, and by seeing the world as art- capturing the lines, colors, and shapes of it. The whole time I was thinking about life imitating art, and how the right photos or videography can bring that beauty to awareness. Dried up rivers looked like trees and mountains looked like paintings. Using art to bring awareness to this subject is highly useful and engaging, because it shows the scarcity in visual and authentic terms. Relating these images to those we saw in the 10 deadly sins of composition video, Burtynsky got it completely right. His subject was evident and he used his space well when it came to detail, scale, and horizon lines.


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