Art Wolfe ~ Ten Deadly Sins of Composition


Two of the sins of composition that caught my attention were “subject in the bullseye” and “confusing subject”. I think having the subject out of the middle is something I could do more of. It’s not something I always do, but I think he makes a valid point and clearly shows with his photos the impact that it can have to the photo. By drawing focus to one area of the photo, you are leaving more space to show the environment and lead your eye to what you are focusing on. I also really loved the example Art showed in regards to a confusing subject. I think when you come across a beautiful area, many times the first thing you want to do is take a picture of it. But from afar, it is often too much to capture, taking away some of the magic. Instead, finding specific areas to hone in on and design a captivating frame would be much more beneficial.


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