MOPA artist: Kevin Cooley

As I mentioned in the previous post, I was instantly attracted to Kevin Cooley’s work. I was really drawn in by the off balanced placement of the frames along with the beautiful images inside of them.


From doing a little research I found that Kevin Cooley works with elemental forces of nature to question systems of knowledge as they relate to our perceptions and experience of everyday life. He creates frameworks to observe experimental and performative gestures to decipher our evolving relationships to nature, technology, and each other. Kevin Cooley has had numerous exhibitions and has received many awards.


With these photos, Kevin mounts his camera on an astronomical tracking system, which fixes and follows the movement of the sun or moon, blurring the movement of the Earth as it moves. The angles of the images correspond to the latitude and longitude of the exact location on the planet! The images are then hung at various angles to correct the horizon line. He says, “The idea is if I went to the equator it would be a horizontal photograph, and if I went to the North Pole it would be vertical.” I love that he uses his love of science and space to create these beautiful images, and that there is a meaning and purpose behind the way they are shot. I love the colors of these pictures, the light pinks, purples, and deep blues.

Several of Kevin Cooley’s photos were displayed in the exhibit, I’m glad I was able to see them and learn about his process and the story behind these pictures.


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