Project Proposal

1. Who is the primary audience for your documentary project?

The primary audience for my documentary project will be both this class along with people who are interested in yoga. Most likely the people I photograph, and possibly people they know if they choose to share.

2.What is the story that you want to tell through your photographs.

I want to capture the essence and feeling of yoga through showing poses in a beautiful environment rather than just in a studio. The yoga studio is generally where people practice, but the effects of yoga spill out into your life, and I want that to be seen. I want to show what yoga means to different people and how it affects their daily lives.

3. What is the general theme/focus of your project.
What other content elements (interviews, voice-overs, text, sound, music, text panels, etc).

The general theme/focus of my projects is capturing the way yoga makes people of different ages, backgrounds, genders feel, along with the physical and mental benefits. I want to have a few group photos of four people doing yoga poses in a beautiful setting. I also want to take a portrait of each person and interview them. My vision is to have a juxtaposition of alternating low-light, dusk, magical, candle-lit yoga poses, with clear,vibrant portraits with take-away quotes or captions from their interview.

4. Other content elements for the documentary project.

Other content elements would be organizing a website to post these photos for the audience to view and scroll through.

5. What are the smaller stories within your overall story

The overall story is the beauty, feeling, and benefits of yoga, and the smaller stories are those of each person I will be featuring. Hearing from each person will give a personal touch and show what it is that brings all different kinds of people to yoga.

6. What research do you need to complete your project. This aspect is VERY important.

I need to do some location scouting for the portraits, I want a nice white background, most likely against a building outside for great natural lighting. I have learned a lot about yoga and written about its benefits before, but I want to revisit that so I can make sure to ask the right questions and be able to get across the point I am trying to portray.

7. Why do you believe your project is worthwhile. How will it add to people’s understanding/appreciation of your subject. What is unique about your project.

Most of all, I want to capture the beautiful, tranquil, peaceful feeling of yoga in the group photos. Yoga doesn’t interest everyone, but I hope by seeing my project they will have a deeper understanding of the benefits it brings to people’s lives, and while it can be a form of exercise, it can also be a healing and spiritual journey to connect with yourself and others.

8. What equipment will you require: technical needs to photograph, record, print, or project your story: lenses, camera, tripod, audio equipment, video, software and hardware for post-production, etc

I will need a camera and a tripod to ensure the more low lighting pictures are clear and focused. I will use my phone to record the answers to the questions I ask so I can transcribe them.

9. What form/s will your final project take: publication, exhibition channels:

I will have an online site where you can scroll through the images. I want the group photos to be edited and stand on their own, but I want to use my knowledge of typography to combine text and image for the portraits. I want to alternate between the low-lit pictures, having yoga poses or close up detail shots, and the more bright, well-lit portrait shots.

10. How will you disseminate your project: how will you promote your project once it is completed

Once the project is completed, I will offer the photos to be used by the yoga studio of the owners and students I plan to photograph. They can use the photos for their blogs, websites, or personal use.

12. What will help you to improve the overall quality and effectiveness of your finished project

Being able to get the pictures I want in the correct lighting, and asking the right questions to get great insight will be crucial for the effectiveness of the the finished project. I want the images to be powerful and to get across the message of the power and beauty of yoga.

13. Please include a general timeline for your project

Right now I am still pinning down the details of getting the subjects I want to photograph and finding a time that works for them. I would like to get photos as soon as possible and will find the earliest possible date I can coordinate to get the portrait and yoga pose pictures. After getting the pictures I will be able to upload and edit, and then move on to creating the website for the final product of images.


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