Jeff Sheng


Jeff Sheng is a photographer whose main focus is the LGBT rights movement. He has many different projects primarily featuring athletes and service members. The photo above is from his series “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, which shows over 80 members affected by this government policy. I like these photos because many of them are inside their homes or with loved ones, which adds humanity and a personal touch to the stories of these people who have to hide who they are. I’m glad Jeff Sheng is shedding light on this controversial subject, as it is an important topic.

Update 10/18:

We were able to go see Jeff Sheng in person during class and it was great to hear him personally talk about his work. It was interesting to hear stories behind the photos and about things that happened behind the scenes or additional stories about his subjects that gave us a deeper understanding. He had a very humble and positive attitude, and I’m glad we were able to listen to him talk about his work and see how he got started along with how far he has come. Although our society still has a long way to go, he pointed out how far we have come since he started the “Fearless” project, and I think he played an important role in that.


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