Annenberg Artist Andrew Southam

The Annenberg artist I chose is Andrew Southam. He is an Australian photographer who is widely known for his fashion and portrait photography. While he has taken beautiful portraits of several celebrities, I was most inspired after visiting his website and seeing more of his current work. I was drawn to the subjects of his photos, the lighting and the realistic way of capturing beauty around him. I love that his photos aren’t over-edited and unrealistic looking. The photos on his website make it seem like he just carries a camera around with him wherever he goes and captures beautiful moments, which is what I like to do, usually with a cell phone out of convenience. Andrew Southam’s pictures are all so beautiful and I would love to learn more about him and continue to follow his work.

These are some Andrew Southam inspired photos I took last week in Carlsbad. I made the mistake of not checking my camera batteries, and it died shortly after I started shooting. I got a few with the camera, and then continued on taking photos with my iPhone. I would have loved to see how the ocean sunset pictures turned out on the camera. I feel Andrew Southam’s photographs are very in line with the pictures I like to take and I’m glad I came across his work on the Annenberg Space for Photography website.


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