Midterm 2016

1. A camera is an object that takes pictures.

2. Depth of field would aid you if you were taking a picture of a landscape and want the entire frame to be in focus, or vice versa if you are taking a close-up with the subject will in focus while the background is not.

3. Types of Composition: Birds eye, format, distance to subject, rule of thirds, framing, angle of view, leading lines, repeating forms, contrast.

4. In a low light situation your ISO should range from 100-200, the higher you go the more grainy the photo will be.

5. Aperture is the size of the opening of the lens, how much light is being let in. And shutter speed is the amount of time the light has to come in, less light being quicker and freezing motion. A slow shutter speed will stay open longer to let more light in, but if not held still can cause camera shake.

6. The 6 basic tools in Lightroom are crop overlay, spot removal, red eye, graduated filter, radial filter, adjustment brush.

7. You can use a histogram to edit your photos by clicking on the top left and right corners, which will show you which parts of your pictures are over or under exposed. You can adjust the histogram to fix the areas that are highlighted in red for better quality.

8. A .psd file is saved from Photoshop, a .jpeg file is a common file for pictures that makes file size smaller at the expense of quality, and a RAW file is the original image that keeps its file size and can be edited and resized without losing quality.

9. Ian Ruther used a type of solution to develop large photos.

10. Street photography is pictures of random people you see or come across in the street.

11. The steps in the process when coming back from a shoot are: -putting the card into the computer. -already having a metadata template done if you are in Bridge you go to File->Get photos from camera. Choose the folder. Rename files->Advanced rename. The text should read dodgen_17MAR16_ and the sequence number should read 001, depending on how many photos you have taken. You have to apply metadata and then click Get Media. You can then rate photos and start editing in Lightroom.

12. Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 5.31.09 PM


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