Book Proposal

For this book project, I am proposing to create a book with words and images of beauty and inspiration. I plan to accomplish the readers of this book gaining a sense of who I am and the way I see things. I will discuss certain events, things I have learned, and include hopes for the future. Using pictures I have already taken, and some I plan to take, I will list 30 things I love that I find beautiful or inspiring all around me in my everyday life. While some images may be on their own, I plan to make a collage with pictures and textures scanned onto the page in the form of a background, personal writings, or doodles to add more to the pages.

The reasoning behind this book is finding an appreciation and love for life and those around you. In a few months it will be six years since a close family friend passed away, which feels like both so long and the blink of an eye. He was only 22 when he passed suddenly from a seizure with no pre-existing conditions. Our families are so close, we consider ourselves more family than friends. My parents introduced his parents, he was one of my brother’s best friends, and one of his three little sisters is my best friend to this day. To say it was a shock is an understatement. I had never experienced losing someone so young and suddenly, and it strongly affected me. Harder than anything is to see the people you love in so much pain, and be unable to make it better or make him come back. Despite the hurt, I had never felt so much love by all the family and friends involved. This truly changed me and the way I saw the world, suddenly everything had meaning and looked more beautiful.

I didn’t realize at the time how much art was an outlet for me, and the only thing that made me feel like I was helping the situation. I made a video for the funeral and for the boat ride after, along with making little collages or images in photoshop of his initials. As much as it is terrible that it took losing someone to realize it, life is so precious and so are the people you love. It makes you learn that life is about treating people well and doing what you love no matter how much time you may have. I learned that out of tragedy, you can choose to let it darken your world, or let it show you the beauty of every person and thing around you with a new sense of appreciation.

On the first page or two, I plan to write an introduction that sets the tone and purpose of the book. It will explain what it is about along with some of my thoughts and things I’ve learned. I then plan to list the 30 things I appreciate and find beautiful, some things on their own page, and some sharing a page. On each page, I will have either just the images, or images with a pattern or fabric scanned in the background, or scanned in images of drawings or outlines to make the pages feel complete. My list of 30 things are:

(1.) Tiny treasures (2.) The vastness of the ocean (3.) The perfection of flowers (4.) Light shining through the trees (5.) Capturing someone’s personality (6.) Seeing your favorite singers live (7.) The colors of a sunset (8.) Floating in the sky in an airplane (9.) Traveling (10.) People watching (11.) Random reminders (12.) Magical moments (13.) Good quotes (14.) French words (15.) A clear mind after yoga (16.) Long walks (17.) My family (18.) Friends who have become family (19.) Books that change the way you think (20.) Pretty things (21.) Photobooth pictures (22.) Indulging in your favorite foods (23.) Pretty fonts (24.) Good ambience (25.) Handwritten letters (26.) Wasting time (27.) String lights (28.) Crashing waves (29.) Art history (30.) Love

After putting together images and scans with this list, I plan on closing out the book with plans for the future, that I hope to continue paying attention to my instincts and the little things I love in hopes of finding where I’m meant to be. I’m not sure yet the exact career path I’ll end up with, but as long as I’m happy with what I’m doing and it’s something I’m passionate about, I’ll be alright. I want to put an emphasis on not settling, because sometimes it seems easier to find comfort in a job or person, but you aren’t applying yourself to your full potential. If you aren’t happy and content with any aspect of  your life, only you can make the decision to change it.

To conclude, my hope with this book is to show the little things around me that I love and appreciate, with a goal of making the reader think about life and ponder their surroundings. I want the book to have a certain style and feel that represents myself. I love to make collages, so I plan on doing this by adding little touches to the pages and paying close attention to detail when it comes to pictures and fonts. After brainstorming and thinking of pictures to use for this project, I’m really excited to develop it and see how it turns out.


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