I visited the Museum of Photographic arts in Balboa Park last week when it was free on March 8th. I have never been to MOPA and it was much smaller than I anticipated, but I enjoyed walking around and the work that was being exhibited there. In the exhibition America’s Cathedrals: Photography and the National Parks, I liked the picture below by David Wing, of Mt. Rushmore. I love that it’s a different perspective and that it’s framed by this large window. You often see close up pictures of Mt. Rushmore, and I enjoyed seeing it from a step back, and to see people who are there taking it in and capturing it as well.


I also really liked these two photographs by Ansel Adams. In the photo on the left, I was drawn in by the leading line of the river, the tall, snowy mountain tops, and the contrast of the stormy clouds. In the photo on the right I liked the detail of the dark, sharp trees and the way they contrast with the softness of the clouds against a massive mountainside.


I then moved on to the Flor Garduño exhibition. Her exhibition was titled Trilogy, which had the groups Bestiarium, Fantastic Women, and Silent Natures. Below are a few of my favorite images. I loved how she made the female body into art and blended it into scenes of nature almost seamlessly. I think nudity is often frowned upon for women and I think Flor is showing the beauty and differences in all of our bodies and that they should be embraced. I also loved her photographs of flowers, because they are something I love and love to photograph. Peonies are my favorite, so it made me happy to see her photo and it’s process of falling apart, which is still beautiful.


I had no expectations or previous knowledge of Flor Garduño’s work, however I really enjoyed the trilogy exhibition and the way she captured both people and things. I liked that all of her photos were in black and white, I felt it tied them all together and gave a sense of cohesion among her different subjects. Below is a picture of a pretty succulent, the sticker I got when arriving, and a picture of different parts of the brain, which I found very interesting!

DODGEN_10MAR16_-13 IMG_1432 DODGEN_10MAR16_


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