Letters to a Young Artist

I enjoyed reading the letter from Yoko Ono and found it to be both relatable and comforting. She says, “It may just be two people your work will communicate to. Don’t  be upset. Be upset if you are not happy with your work… Moreover, your work will keep changing the very configuration of our world no matter what kind of attention it gets or doesn’t get.” What I took from this, and what I could relate to, was that sometimes it doesn’t matter if anyone sees your work, but if you are creating something you love and are happy with, it is always worth it. I have had many doubts about my abilities, but at the same time I have created many things I am very happy with and maybe those are just the building blocks to more certainty. My favorite part is when she says, “If you give out something beautiful, you will get back 10 times more beauty in your life… Don’t try to be anything but yourself. Rely on your instinct and inspiration.” I most related to this part, because I am always looking for beauty around me everywhere I go. I also heavily rely on instinct and inspiration, I try to always find a connection to what I’m doing, and find a way to represent myself or things I love through what I’m doing.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 11.04.17 AM


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